The Wieser Family
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The Wieser Family

Three generations of hoteliers can claim to be craftsmen, in this case, craftsmen of “taste”.
Grandmother Emma and her famous cooking classes and Grandmother Teresa running her two hotels have paved the way for welcoming guests and offering hospitality in the valley.

Love and respect for food, aromas and flavours, textures and colours, origins and ownership, have all been handed down through the generations.

At the foot of “Val di Salares”, so named for the large wooden vats in the valley that contain salt for game animals and sheep, Ilda and Paoli Wieser decided to build their guesthouse in 1960s.
The name Ciasa (“home” in Ladin) immediately reminds us of its location, while conveying a sense of warm familiarity.

The “nonni” passed down to their son Stefan the passion for hotel running.
Together with his wife Wilma and their son Jan Clemens, he continues this valuable tradition. When not helping out in the restaurant, Jan Clemens – son of the fourth generation of the Wieser family – loves to go and search for ciamalta (“wild spinach” in Ladin), erba ajia (“wild salad”), pan dl cuc (“edible mountain flowers”) or any other flower or plant that might feature on a special dish on our menus.