Carnival in South Tyrol

Carnival in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol, the wild and bold are seen from a funny point of view by the entire family. Parades are the focal point of Carnival, and they are often held in rural parts of the region, or even on the ski slopes: if you are a keen skier, this is where you should go.

In Badia, the Carnival Cup takes place on 7 February close to the chairlift in Santa Croce, the Carnival Village is held in La Villa on 4 February, a Carnival party on the slopes of Colfosto will be on 4 February, while Corvara will host an acrobatic show on 9 February.

You’ll also find masks and traditions all over South Tyrol. The “Zusselrennen”, the Mardi Gras in Prato allo Stelvio, is made up by a plough carried all around town. The “Zusseln” are the protagonists, dressed in white and carrying big cowbells of varying dimensions around their waists to create terrible noise. This way they fight winter and give asleep nature new lymph. The “Maschgern” is another interesting tradition: the “Maschger” go round in couples and visit every hotel, singing and dancing, drinking and eating. The “Schuffa” carnival is in Nova Levante. Here, parades are the focal point of carnival. They very big “Schnappviecher” are the centre of attention, as are other costumes and masks.

You’ll also find the Schnappviecher on Mardi Gras in Termeno. Here you’ll see one of the most astonishing carnival traditions in South Tyrol, the “Egetmann” parade. “Egetmann Hansl” is the protagonist: a rich man, travelling with his wedding chariot around town, followed by other peculiar figures such as the wild man, white and green horses, the “Burgl” and many more.

In other areas, further away from Alta Badia, for instance Val Venosta, you’ll find some staggering carnival costumes. The “Pfluagziachn” takes place every year in Stelvio and it consists of a cult game, dealing with the forces of nature. The oxen and plough parade in the centre of this hamlet seems to shoo evil winter forces, but at the same time it wishes for a very lucrative year.

Let yourself go and savour culinary traditions: Apfelkachen, Strauben…. Let food be your delight and allow the chefs of the magnificent Siriola Restaurant guide you in this discovery.  A pleasure for all senses, but also a joy held in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.