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Walking in autumn



We’ve had a very warm and enjoyable summer pretty much everywhere, though the thought of balmy nights feels truly distant. The days are getting shorter, the morning air is crisp and we welcome a warm supper when we get home in the evening. 

Autumn is a marvellous month, glorious colours enveloping the leaves on the trees, the changing lights giving us true emotions, the landscape evoking a canvas ready to be painted with bright hues.


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Nutrition for your hikes and treks

famiglia in camminata tra le montagne

We all need energy and strength to face our busy lives, even more so when we play sports, regardless of the activities undertaken. A focused nutrition grants optimum, efficient results and will safeguard our energy levels over a longer period of time.

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Luge: a South Tyrol history

suedtirol altoadige otto bachmann-63


Otto Bachmann. How many times have you seen this surname, written in capital letters, promoting the business of the former world luge champion?

His shiny yellow trademark luges are a feast for the eyes and a pleasure to ride. 


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Beauty SPA Vives

Beauty SPA Vives: a place where to rediscover yourself, where to listen to your body, where to regenerate energies through special paths and relaxing treatments. The chromo-path that leads to the Beauty Spa Vives - red imperial cimbro, green bluish Etruria, yellow chrome and yellow of Naples – will prepare you for.

The design has been conceived by Wilma Wieser, the architect Francesca Arra and Helmut Pizzinini, who also realized the paintings, using only pure pigments and restoration techniques.

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