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Ega Beauty SPA: a place where to rediscover yourself, where to listen to your body, where to regenerate energies through special paths and relaxing treatments. The chromo-path that leads to the Ega Beauty Spa - red imperial cimbro, green bluish Etruria, yellow chrome and yellow of Naples – will prepare you for.

The design has been conceived by Wilma Wieser, the architect Francesca Arra and Helmut Pizzinini, who also realized the paintings, using only pure pigments and restoration techniques.

The sculptures in the relaxing area are in steel inox and are reproduced by a free hand sketch.

The furnishing complements are made on exclusive sketch by native artisan hands.

Beauty Spa Vives is fully furnished with multifunction cabins for high performance beauty treatments and massages. Download our brochure.

Spa features:

  • Outdoor sauna
  • Hot tub
  • Turkish bath
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Solarium
  • Whirlpool bath

Moreover our wellness centre offers an infusion corner, an indoor pool and a fitness centre.

Special packages summer 2019

Sports massages

Complete package of 4 sports massages (two 50 min. treatments and two 25 min. treatments) = 215.00 €
Complete package of 4 sports massages of 50 mins = 280.00 €


Revitalising “Sport & Vitality” massage

With arnica and St. John’s Wort
Brings deep relief to tense muscles after sporting activity and optimises muscle recovery.
25 mins: 45.00 €
50 mins: 80.00 €

Bamboo massage

Outstanding after-sport massage. Promotes lymph flow and helps to combat cellulite.
Soothing, all-round relaxation
25 mins: 50.00 €
50 mins: 90.00 €

Dynamic “foot and leg” massage

This massage is carried out with “Active Synergy” essential oils, giving your feet and legs a renewed sensation of vitality, relaxation and strength, and bringing complete harmony to spirit and soul.
50 mins: 80.00 €

Advanced back programme

A reconstructive back treatment with natural active ingredients and outstanding results, and a personalised massage with arnica cream.
The singing bowls and cupping melt all tension away.
50 mins: 80.00 €

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