Respect for the environment and the building itself, as well as the use of local resources, have all inspired the design of the hotel which uses high-quality local woods such as untreated fir, stone pine and larch.

Our choice of textiles produced in the valley, as well as a love for our own land, comes from a continuity with the past; here we find the red glow of the fireplace, the green of the meadows and the blue of the sky.

It is not only the love for our earth, to which we owe such gratitude, but also our decision to look beyond our geographical boundaries that prompts us each day to try and discover the highest possible quality with which to delight our guests.

Our family-run hotel pays great attention to the quality of its offers and services, allowing us to tailor our hospitality towards a style that is clean and essential, yet never anonymous.

Passion, incessant searching and a belief in our own work comprise the motivation for our daily activities.