Nodla Chocolate Room

In this extraordinary room you will be guided among 120 sorts of fine chocolate, available for both tasting and purchasing. You can pair them with an extraordinary selection of spirits.

We selected the best producing and farming countries of cocoa bean, such as South America and Africa, remaining consistent with our philosophy and our personal taste. 

The sorts of chocolate vary from 30% to 100% up to the roasted cocoa bean. Flavoured chocolate includes liquorice, chilli pepper and mint. Covered chocolate includes ginger, orange, lemon and fig. Two varieties of white chocolate – fair traded from Peru and with hazelnuts from Piedmont. Last but not lot least, the chocolate creams like Gianduja and salt from Cervia. 

Our chocolate fountain calls for a yummy dipping of fresh fruit skewers. It continuously tempers 70% chocolate from Venezuela with olive oil.

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