The Wieser family

Mountain Life artisans since 1964

The Wieser family stands as the driving force behind the ever-evolving legacy of Ciasa—an establishment nurtured with unwavering passion and dedication for over three generations. The genesis dates back to 1964, when our pioneering grandparents, Hilda and Pauli, fuelled by an indomitable spirit and an unwavering adoration for the mountains, envisioned and erected the foundational pillars of Hotel Ciasa Salares. Their visionary zeal and steadfast commitment laid the cornerstone for a distinctive haven where hospitality transcends mere service to embody the embrace of familial warmth.

Subsequently, the mantle of responsibility transitioned to their son Stefan and his wife Wilma. Their meticulous attention to minutiae and a fervent pursuit of culinary excellence catapulted Hotel Ciasa Salares into the echelons of choice destinations for connoisseurs and aficionados of nature alike. Presently, the baton rests in the capable hands of the third generation, represented by Jan Clemens and his partner Sara, who ardently uphold the revered family traditions. Balancing reverence for their heritage with a vigilant eye on emerging trends, the Wieser family remains resolute in their commitment to preserve Ladin culture and local customs.

Their unwavering dedication to delivering authentic, high-calibre hospitality resonates through every facet of the hotel, engendering an ambience that exudes warmth and familiarity, ensuring a heartfelt welcome for our cherished guests.



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