Cocun Cellar Restaurant

More than once, referring to the wine list of the Ciasa Salares, we have referred to our wine cellar as “the establishment downstairs”. The cellar has recently undergone refurbishment, allowing guests to visit and enjoy the comfortable ambience.

The larch panelling leads our eyes through three rooms whose walls are lined by 24,000 bottles, representing 1,900 different wines.

On tables of local wood, cut according to phases of the moon in harmony with the biodynamic philosophy that underlies the majority of the products down here, we invite our guests to enjoy excellent wines from all over the world, accompanied by culinary delicacies.

Time no longer exists down here: a spell is cast over visitors who spontaneously embark on a trip back in time to the year marked on the bottle, perhaps losing themselves forever in a 1928 Recioto by Bertani…

My Cellar...

"My passion for wine goes back to 1987, as the hotel's wine cellar has been established. For many years, after having completed the sommelier course, i've visited different cellars and attended several tastings. I also had the chance to acquire a great number of wine bottles, some of them particularly appreciated and awarded.

With a turnover of about 350 labels of wine a year, I can definitely say that the cellar is constantly evolving and upgrading. During my studies I learned lot of techniques, but really have been impressed by notions of "biodynamic philosophy". I engaged myself with Steiner's works, gained skills from Europe's most important wine producers and could already make some direct experience in the vineyard.

I consider myself as a walker who follows the paths and energies of the universe and could not keep from applying this approach to one of the most important parts of my work, which is at the same time a true addiction to me. In fact, about 30 percent of listed wineshave been produced according to this method. I won't discuss other production systems, but, in my humble opinion, techniques should enhance and intensify a wine's characteristics rather then stir them up.

When in the evening, after working at the restaurant, me and my son have a little break and I hear him say: "tonight I would like to taste a glass of good Riesling", that's when I know, there is hope for the new generation."

Stefan Wieser.


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Opening day: From 6 pm for wine tastings - Kitchen from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Day Off: on Wednesday

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