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COCUN (“bottle cork” in ladino): The name itself embodies the soul of this wine-cellar restaurant.
And what a wine cellar it is too, with over 1900 labels, 24,000 bottles from every corner of the world and, owing to our unfailing search for the best wines that can be found, an annual inventory ratio that borders on 35%.

COCUN is a dream brought to life by Jan Clemens, third generation member of the Wieser family, who has transformed the wine cellar of the family’s Ciasa Salares hotel into a charismatic, captivating,
top-class restaurant. The spirit and soul of the restaurant is his deep bond with his homeland and the Ladino traditions, given wing by his extensive understanding of biodynamic philosophy, all-round experience in global excellence, and an open ear for his customers’ wishes. The result is a vibrant, easy-going venue with the highest of standards, and a place where you can embark on a journey through time and space.

A journey through time in that, as Jan Clemens says, “Here you can travel back in time to 1985, the year that my father Stefan’s long-yearned for cellar was founded."

And through space, transported on a voyage over 1,000 culinary latitudes by the cold cuts, the cheeses and the 15 dishes prepared with ingredients selected for their excellence, with a love for all that is healthy and good.

COCUN also has two younger “siblings” who are every bit his equal in vitality and energy.

Their names are NIDA and NODLA (“buttermilk” and “hazelnut” in ladino) and respectively, they are the homes to an endless array of cheese and chocolate.

NIDA is the cheese room, and boasts a selection of 65 raw-milk cheeses, jams, chutneys and jellies in so many flavours that the opportunity for fabulous culinary voyages is practically endless.

NODLA is the chocolate room, where you can dive into a world of no less than 120 different kind of chocolate.

COCUN actually has a third sibling too, who invites you to round off every evening to perfection: The “Liquid Spirit” room. And if you want to know where it is, there’s only one way to find out: get yourself to COCUN, search around, and follow the lyrics of Gregory Porter: Clap your hands.

It’s all here and waiting at the Hotel Ciasa. Let’s raise our glasses to COCUN!

Welcome, beauty. You’ll feel at home here.


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Opening hours: From 6 pm; wine tastings at 6 pm upon reservation.

                Kitchen from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Book your fondue within 5 pm same day.

Day Off: on Wednesday

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