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Embark on an immersive journey into well-being at "Ega Wellness."

Indulge yourself in the privilege of experiencing vinotherapy in a unique way, where each treatment is named after an exclusive wine, enveloping you in a perfect blend of relaxation and beauty for your skin.

At "Ega Wellness," wine is not just a beverage; instead, it is a sensory experience for the body and mind.

Discover the luxury of a personalized experience, where every drop of wine becomes an elixir of relaxation and renewal. Let yourself be transported to an oasis of serenity, where the healing power of wine harmoniously merges with your well-being.

Unisex body treatments

Sangiovese Treatment
Cleansing, full body massage with cream and oil, ritua
Rapid skincare and relaxation. The ritual helps the skin to absorb the products more easily. This is followed by a cream massage which provides your skin with intensive moisture. To finish off, the body oil is applied to allow the moisture to penetrate into the skin more deeply and effectively.
30min / 60€

Moscato Treatment
One hour to switch off and relax. The treatment starts with a back and neck massage. Any blockages and muscle tension are relieved. During the hand and foot massage your reflex zones are activated and nurtured with special creams. The concluding dry head massage takes you to an even deeper state of relaxation and leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
60min / 90€

Tai Rosso Treatment
Full body massage, full body peeling, ritual
Relaxation and smooth skin. Combination of massage and full body peeling with salt and grape seeds. It relieves muscle tension and improves blood flow to the skin, cleanses and nourishes it. The result: soft skin and relaxed muscles.
75min / 120€

Anti age, unisex quick treatments

Anti age, unisex quick treatments
Facial massage with serum
Pamper your skin with a relaxing massage performed with a regenerating serum, it nourishes the skin with active ingredients giving freshness and intense luminosity to the skin.
20min / 45€

Wine therapy cocktail
Quick facial treatment that reduces the signs of age. Based on the type of skin, a cocktail is created containing rich concentrates that will improve the appearance of the skin, leaving it more toned.
20min / 45€

Intensive Eye Treatment
Eye massage with a refreshing gel followed by an intensive regenerating eye mask. The eye contour will appear wonderfully smoother and well relaxed, dark circles will disappear!
20min / 45€

Pro Youth Lifting Mask
Cleansing with toner and application of a mask with a high concentration of active ingredients. The skin will immediately appear toned, smooth, and well hydrated.
20min / 45€

Unisex facial treatments

Pinot Noir Treatment
Ritual, cleansing, peeling, face massage
The ideal treatment to get to know wine therapy: it consists of a relaxing face massage with a mask rich in active ingredients. The result: Immediate visible skin improvement!
30min / 60€

Nebbiolo Treatment
Ritual, cleansing, facial massage with serum or deep cleansing, cream mask, final treatment
Happy skin in just one hour! After cleansing and a scrub, you receive a soothing facial massage with a serum. This is followed by a nurturing fream mask. While the masks takes effect, your hands are pampered with a massage. The the treatment is rounded off with skincare cream tailored to your skin type. The result: intensively nourished and relaxed skin taht lookes fresh and feels amazing!
60min / 90€

Sauvignon Treatment
Ritual, cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, concentrated cocktail, facial massage, eye care, special mask and finishing treatment
Complete facial treatment. Your skin is boosted with a highly effective concentrate cocktail. The facial massage is followed by an eye treatment that makes your eye zone look fresh again. After the special premium mask your face is left looking youthful, firm and pampered.
90min / 140€



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